Beware of MLMs (WorldVentures). Don’t part with your hard-earned cash

December 30, 2012


although I do believe that MLM could be scrupulously structured as a WIN-WIN biz model both for the owner and the members, the points listed by a responder to one blogger about what today’s MLM (or I’d say most MLMs) is about appear valid and excellent :

Re: Beware of MLMs (WorldVentures). Don’t part with your hard-earned cash

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Risk of Fraud and Dangers of MLM (at ClubSNAP)

• MLM is about recruiting people who will become victims.
• The product got nothing to do with it.
• YOU are the potential victim.
• People just want to sign you on and get you to buy lots of useless overpriced products to sell to friends and relatives.
• MLM exploits personal relationships and harms them. You are encouraged to sell to your friends, family and relatives.
• MLM is pyramid in nature.
• It depends on an expanding base of recruiters to build down-lines. Those at the top feed on those at the bottom.
• Once the fraud collapses, all effort and money building up the down-lines are lost.
• MLM emphasises greed and foolishness.
• MLM talks and events are all about feel good, rah, rah.
• MLM presenters fool the naive audience and over hype the unreal high earnings and luxury lifestyle of MLM members.
• MLM exploits the greedy, the foolish, the retrenched, the desperate and the people who are easily led by the nose.
• The product is usually a piece of overpriced rubbish. Like “magnetic mattress”.
• Cosmetic and health care products are the usual MLM products precisely because these cannot be proved to work or not to work.
• There are no scientific standards to measure these against. In this way, they skirt the law and escape arrest.
• So there are magnetic mats, aromatic oils, cosmetic, sole plaster, youth mouth spray, health or herbal pills.
• MLM talks are all hype and no product.
• Slick presenters at MLM events may downplay, ignore or humiliate any person asking a serious question about the product.

Sounds familiar from your own encounters with Worldventures??? 🙂


Worldventures Signs and Wonders!

December 30, 2012

In 2010, WorldVentures Founders, Wayne Nugent and Mike Azcue, were nominated for the Ernst And Young, Entrepeneur of the Year Award. Really?

In 2012, ROVIA which is the arm travel agency of WorldVentures won the Best Travel Booking Site in the World Travel Awards. Really?

So, WV is really the best and legitimate business that will help every member achieve financial freedom! Really?


There were several huge financial institutions (involving in Asset Management, Commercial Banking, Investment Banking, Private Banking, Securities Services, Treasury Services) that were once highly rated by S&P and the Moody’s.

But today, why are there so many of these once highly-rated financial institutions going belly-up and requiring their government to bail them out with the tax payers money?

Many of their heads (leaders) were found to be involved in insider fraudulent practices, by the way, and they got away scot-free enriching themselves and their cronies!!!

So, those who have ears let them hear, those who have eyes let them see, and those who have brains let them think 🙂

Do the words of Ernst and Young, S&P, Moody’s, and Rovia voters equal to God’s infallible words and absolute truth?

The bible says: ‘Don’t follow signs and wonders’ but ‘let signs and wonders follow you!’

As long as the ‘Travel 4-5 stars at 2-3 stars prices’ pledge could not be delivered for the benefit of the majority of non-ranking members, ‘Ernst And Young, Entrepeneur of the Year Award’, ‘Won the Best Travel Booking Site in the World Travel Awards’, and many other forms of ‘branding’ gimmicks are just ‘signs and wonders’ to impress and lure more sheep into the lion’s den.

As commercial games and gimmicks are getting more complex and intrigued by each passing day, brains alone may not be enough. May God anoint you with the spirit of Wisdom and Discernment to save yourself from any harm 🙂

God bless!


An Honest and Revealing WorldVentures Review

December 23, 2012

Monday, March 12, 2012

Legal Lawsuit Against Worldventures – An ex-Leader taking a stance for Ethics and Integrity!

Source: http://isworldventuresascam.blogspot.sg/2012/03/legal-lawsuit-for-worldventures-ex.html

I am re-posting this article from the ‘comment’s’ section of my previous blog post, because I find the info true and representative to what I have being through. More voices should be heard and people should know the truth about this company! Read on:
This is for all the Israeli members and members worldwide regarding the information normally withheld to those who join Worldventures. This brief report will explain to you what the real interpretation of “making a living” means.

To the best of my knowledge “making a living” means that one earns an income enough so, that it would cover his monthly expenses, food , home car and health. The current average salary in my country of Israel is about 2000 USD a month which most people would consider enough to get by. So making an “average” living by these standards would amount ”to make a living”.

This amount is below that of the USA which is where Worldventures originated and is based in Plano, Texas. Just in case you are impatient because you received a 27 second phone call from a “close friend” who you haven’t spoken in ten years who wants to “catch up and has to meet you in person but doesn’t have enough time to even tell you what it’s about because he’s in a hurry” –(if possible at 8pm – where this friend forgets to tell you are actually attending a travel party along with 200 others……..

Now that you’ve arrived at the meeting;

Were you buy any chance told that you are going to get a BMW M-5 and the home of your dreams just by reaching a certain result…WOW that sound great. (If you reach this status you will be among the less than 46 people in the world amongst over 100,000 reps who have achieved this status. So, ok you are not expecting the BMW M-5 or that free home but just want to “make a living”.
Ok- So let’s get the numbers straight- Let’s do an analysis regarding the members and see who are actually “making a living”. There are currently about 2700 reps in Israel.

The minimum salary in Israel is about 1000 USD a month or 12000 USD a year, while the median income is 2000 USD a month. Remember there are about 2700 reps in Israel. At best OVER 2000 of these people are paying members of just 60 dollars a month or at least 720 USD a year. Wait, are these people “making a living”.

I sure hope they have another job. These people are paying WV 720 dollars a year. HMM….. I thought we were “making a living” as reps with this company. OK, so 2000 people are not only making a dime but PAYING the company.

That money that they are paying, 720 USD could go to a nice vacation. HMMM. Let’s not all forget that we are not reps of the company but independent rep, so that the company has no liability in case any of us performing independent illegal activities or we intentionally misinform ,lie or threaten one of it’s members.

The company does not cover you for anything, and can arbitrarily take ones income at any time or date as they see fit. As for the writer of this blog who chose to leave many other including myself had their account arbitrarily closed by WV. So for those of you who amongst the few people actually making money, the company has the discretion to take this away or shut you down without notice. Yes even Mr. Little.

All this should be no surprise as each and every individual was “given” and acknowledged the 25 page contract he signed when they became a rep. Wait, what contract! I didn’t sign any contract. Of course you didn’t. Your independent rep agreed to the contract on your behalf when you registered. Of course the company can’t be responsible for an independent reps non-disclosure of an actual contract. HMM.

I wonder why they never showed me the contract which in any court would be deemed unconscionable. But wait I went to a momentum (of which I had to pay for) where AN EMPLOYEE or even the CEO or the CVO (right they have a visionary officer) of the company who told me all this misleading information that was given to me. HMM-. Yes I will record that info and use it in court.

Better make it to Dallas Texas (conveniently located near WV offices) and 5900 miles or many mile away from the majority of WV members to take legal action. But I would hold out using all that recorded information in court as the contract clearly states that officers of the company are liable for signed documents and nothing they say. Shucks. Wow, so they can teach me how to deceive other individuals and then not be liable at all because I am an independent rep.

What if I get sued from? WV will provide you with an attorney which will kindly tell you that you are on your own.
Last year at the Cyprus convention a rep that had reached Director status, stated in front of hundreds of people that he signed up to the company under false information.

You should have seen the expressions on all the employees of WV biting their nail (yet clapping their hands congratulating the member praying that no one had paid attention).

And moments earlier Mr. Mark Accetta told us that we have permission to record this. If you wish to see these recording I will be more than happy to forward them. Hey Wayne, Mike, Kyle, Mark you’re all present on the video.

Wow so the company allows its successful members to perform under false pretense and in countries WV has no license. HMM.
But wait …we can’t use the money (720 USD membership)for a vacation, that is the money money we pay to “make a living”(and for the right to sell WV. Now if you recall, there are about 2700 members in Israel of which 2000 are paying so they certainly aren’t earning a living.

Now we have the remaining 700 reps… now someone has got to be making money…right? Well some news for 675 out of 700 them who a least aren’t paying membership … you are saving 720 USD, however, are spending an average between time and personal expenses (are we reimbursed for that?) that equals to a minimum of 400 USD a month, between gasoline, phone calls, food, and your own time. So wait, I’m am spending about 400 USD running around (my time is worth money and gas, food) to make an average of 684 USD A YEAR.

So of the 675 people who are not PAYING for membership, lets’ do the numbers:

Annual earning -Monthly outlay= income (“make a living”).

But wait I spent about 5000 dollars over the year and earned an average of 684 USD . 684-5000= -4314. I’m out over 4000 Dollars. But wait the top earners among these 675 members who earn $5074 a year people are spending about 5000 USD a year to work at this goal of “earning a living”. Remember, none of these 675 people have earned more than 5000 USD (?????).

Let’s do some math here once again with all the time and personal financial layout you are making along with the other 2675 reps, the top earner are making 5000 dollars a year. But let’s not forget that they are laying out about 5000 dollars a year. If my math is correct
5000 USD ( the best annual income for a rep)-5000 US (personal expenses)= 0.
Wait does that mean 99.01 percent of all people at WORLDVENTURES are netting annually (a whole year) 0 (ZERO). YES. Does netting 0 constitute “earning a living”.

In case you are wondering of what about those other people who are “making a living” 13 out of the remaining 25 earn an average of $4802 dollars a year. And if they are spending 400 USD a month overhead they are just about breaking it even. Looks like that means you have a great chance a making it.
In other words 2687 out of 2700 are at best breaking even. The reality is that these 2687 members are paying for the lavish lifestyles of a few people and Worldventures personel.

Have you ever noticed the income disclosure statement.
Read it:


YES THAT IS THE PAPER WHICH WAS FLASHED AT YOU FOR ABOUT 1 SECOND AT THE MEETING YOUR FRIEND INVITED YOU TO.while they show you the BMW and house for about 10 seconds- and of course the contract which you were never shown at all.

You PAY CASH to recruit people, and make it back from the cash of your recruits.

Logically, someone has to lose money for you to get paid.

However, as they do offer actual vacations and travel services, so there is not a crime.
One could argue that your money also paid for your access to their exclusive vacation deals, (which are on specific dates in which you pay huge penalties for canceling and never include airfare.) The packages which I was told about included a 33 dollar for a 5 day cruise, which I have never gone on because the ones I saw somehow cost 733 dollars for the same period.

Nevertheless, the presentation will normally show you only “loss leader” trips which are used to lure you into the company.(how convenient) The problem with most trips they offer is and pay attention they are always for a SPECIFIC HOTEL ON SPECIFIC DATES.
The company promises you that their trip to that specific hotel on those dates are the cheapest. But think about this when you look for a trip; what’s REALLY important?

Well for me the following:

Do the dates of the package deal suite your needs; maybe the date don’t apply?
Is the location is right?
Is it the price really a good deal?

So say they offer a trip to Miami 3 days and 2 night to for $200 4 star hotel)on a specific dates, say February 22-24 (but I live in Seattle and the flight alone is $600 dollars extra-and there is even a special for $700 that includes a 5 star hotel 3 day/2 nights to Miami -tough!).

All they are guaranteeing you is that for those three days, with the specific room at the specific hotel at their price cannot be beaten. Does that mean the hotel next door which may be nicer and has a better deal. Quite possible, yet that makes no difference to WV.

The only guarantee that you are getting are for the trip dates. So even if you can go to the WV hotel from February 25-28 for say $179 it make NO DIFFERECENCE. A common term used if you were to raise that issue to a WV representative is that “IT APPLES AND ORANGES”.

Just for the sport WV had a trip that was 300USD PER PERSON on specific date. It was a nice hotel with half board. I went online and found a nicer hotel right next door (that flexibility in terms of dates and was quoted at 400 USD or 100 USD more than the WV trip.

When I mentioned that to a WV member their response was “you see ..100 dollars less”. Of course when WV stated the discount you are saving it shown in the form of two people so in this case it would be 200 USD less than my hotel and 200 less than the best online price for their hotel. Then I go to the punch line and said MY PRICE was PER COUPLE. So my hotel which is nicer and has flexibility with the date cost 400 USD while the Worldventures dreamtrip was 600 USD.

The rep not knowing what to reply stated “that my comparison is apples and oranges”. Of course in the presentation the Reps, forget to tell people that flights aren’t included and the cancelation fees apply and of course that the trip they are showing are the few loss leaders.
And realistically, if you can sucker in enough of your friends, you actually can profit. So long as the there is a lower rung on the ladder to pay for your mistake.

They don’t lie to you. They just hide the truth in pretty words and motivational hotel “pep rallies.” Most of the attendees are still buying into it themselves, so they come across as very sincere and enthused. but if you notice, none of them are really making money. Hmm.

Don’t be fooled, most of these people are faking smiles to make their money back, even hoping your money will recoup their losses. My advice- don’t get up in arms, this thing is huge and there’s nothing you can do. Just look out for yourself and your loved ones.


I was surprised that a company that highly valued its people could put out a CD and allowed their own customers to be called “SUCKERS”.
I’ve decided to expand my research a found that there are currently 260,000 people in Plano Texas , where Worldventures is located. That amounts to about 100,000 families or household. If we were to put the entire city into Worldventures plan , how many families would be “make a living” i.e. at least $21,000 a year?

Here are the numbers:

Over 99000 families= would be earning nothing or losing money.
580 families= would be earning about $4800 dollars a year.
320 families = would be earning about 21,000 a year . (Sorry no car allowance or health benefits.)
100 families – would earn on $59,000+ dollars a year (of those only 47 get the car not free of course just reimbursed)at 16 get the home.

You’d better be amongst those100 families or you’re in trouble.

My name is Alan.

From experience over 80 percent of those that left the business opportunity also left the product. The majority of others who do stay on are due to social pressures mainly because it is their close friends or family that have signed them up and are LIKELY TO BE ONE OF THOSE “FOUR” SIGNUPS.

I would also like to point out the following:

The car and dream bonus are given to people who are a handful that earn a six figure incomes with WV. So the car and home incentive though still of value regardless will make little difference to an individual who earns these sums of money. But who are these individuals? Did they just walk off the street and become successful. A footnote that you may not be aware of is when WV started amongst the people involved were divided into two groups. There were those tagged as employees and those who were given a WV representative “GOLDEN ACCOUNT”.

These individuals had the opportunity to work with WV as an employee or be set up to reach an IMD level (which they all have). These individuals are the ones who lecture you today and wear gold rings, yet many of them never did nearly what others have to do to reach this. Why? Because at its initial stages WV did all the advertising for these individuals allowing them and assuring them to reach NMD (National Marketing Director)and it’s a no brainer to reach IMD thereafter. So despite my article above no matter where you are on tree or pyramid, you are basically stemming from these individuals who in fact are WV employees but EARNING THEIR SALARY AS REPRESENTATIVES.

This ALLOWS WV to play on both sides of the map both as a company and as representatives. It also allows them to pay for employees through your money.
THINK ABOUT THIS FOR A MOMENT; can you request from WV to sign up directly for membership? NO.

These individuals are basically WV employees in disguise yet they tell you that you are not working hard enough. So they are getting paid for the work which the company did FOR them and then these IMDs are telling you that you need to stay active, keep working at your goal (and paying money for this) , while it’s costing them nothing. The travel dollars plus bonus money to attend SPECIAL meetings for NMD and IMD is all inclusive.

So THESE PEOPLE are NOT PAYING for anything. IMDs’ – gets the car, house , travel dollars , business meeting dollars and that’s not all. Wait what else could the people possibly getting . MORE MONEY? MORE MONEY, BUT HOW? Well in case you needed to know IMD’s and NMD’s are being PAID by the company to speak in front of crowds at these meetings in addition to everything. So the fact it that the percentage of “off the block” individuals who succeed are LESS than what eh “income disclosure statement purports.

I am an intelligent person but it hurts me to see how many of my friends remain in a brainwash status and buy into this. Well I can’t blame them as I did myself. The term business opportunity is used in such a distorted manner that it leaves me baffled. If the product is so good regardless of business plan then people would be signing up regardless of the product itself. Additionally, even if they did sign for both the business plan and the membership, they would retain their membership despite paying membership.

Have you ever seen a presentation which offers you the business presentation prior to the product.
If there are so many confident people out there and the company is so confident with it’s product ther should be a money back guarantee? Money back guarantee!

With WV you are lucky to get your money back regardless of time frame .

But, seriously, it is hard for me to blame most of the people who sign up. I would term what is being done is taking advantage of your personal life, social network, values , morals and of course money.

I recall when I first started I was coming up with creative ways and succeeding at this while only doing this part time, but I felt that shortly afterwards what I was doing to my friends is exactly what the company’s master plan is; getting people into a sudden frenzy to get their friends to sign up.
Most reps have no tools on how to do it. The kept asking me to sign up their friend AWARE that I was using every marketing tactic out the. My signup rate was 75 percent of people I approached, compared to less than 10 percent on average.

Taking that into consideration the level of success by those who don’t know what to do and with no experience stand no chance. THINK about this for a moment if any opportunity is really that great even if you got the facts partially straight most people would buy into it if there was logic.

The are many product you can say this about although ARGUEMENT CAN BE MADE EITHER WAY BUT if your local gas station was offering you 50 cent of every Gallon so long as you pay 5 dollars a month membership fee it would obviously pay for those filling up 20 gallons a month (less than a fill up).
Would calling up your friend and telling him about it be so problematic and telling him about this? NO! Would he sign up? Chances are likely. So why does WV need to operate this way. Because obviously most people would NOT sign up but for this social pressured meeting. Therefore all the training has little effect on the individual and is an additional asset for the company.

I am trying to put together a class action law suit and have 137 people who joined and feel they were cheated and manipulated. There are many accounts on which to sue the company.

I recently did another study and came to the following conclusion: the company is not supplying enough trip/room so that each member can take apply for trip a year. This fact alone should0 raise eyebrows.

In case you were wondering I was booted it merely for asking to many questions although the official response of the company was “something they made up” as they had nothing to pin me on.

If you have ever watched the incredible movie Philadelphia with Tom Hanks who was let go because he had AIDS although the company dismissed this as the reason, that is about how I was let go. Doing nothing wrong except for being a responsible individual.



WorldVentures Income Disclosure Statement – Only 0.09% made money! 21.6% earned below poverty level! The large majority don’t make a dime!!!

December 23, 2012

Saturday, November 3, 2012

WorldVentures Income Disclosure Statement

Source: http://worldventuresscam.blogspot.sg/2010/09/worldventures-income-disclosure.html

WorldVentures Income Disclosure Statement
The above diagram was created from WorldVentures’ Income Disclosure Statement. You can retrieve the statement by visiting http://www.worldventures.info/pdfs/incomedisclosure.pdf.

Note, ONLY representatives that made any income are included in the table.  73.7% of those that joined WorldVentures never made a dime.

Blogger’s Summary:

This means that, on average, if you wish (to be one of the 0.09%) to attain a position to really make money, YOU must recruit >1,000 members (both by yourself as well as by your own multiple levels of downlines) who would lose their money to WV and YOU!

So, search your own conscience. Would you partake in this game to help WV rip off >1000 people for your own selfish gain? These 1,000 people are your (and your downlines’ and friends’) loved ones, close friends and acquaintances. While you swear to them that you are helping them to be financially-free, in your heart you’re fully aware that 99.9% of them would end up poorer, while only you yourself and 0.09% of them would really attain financial freedom.

In Singapore, with reported membership of >20K to date, it means >19,ooo are losing money every month to WV and a few hundred of their cronies!


DreamTrips are a rip off

December 23, 2012

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Some claim DreamTrips are a rip off

Source: http://worldventuresscam.blogspot.sg/2011/12/some-claim-dreamtrips-are-rip-off.html

Post on realscam.com  –
“Something is very strange in the WorldVentures DreamTrips land. They no longer will show the prices of some of their DreamTrips on the website unless you pay to become a member. That was never the case before. Some are listed and just as proven before, they’re not a bargain.

Keep in mind that it costs $199.95 to join and $24.99 per month, so the member would pay a whopping $474.84 per year just for the “privilege” of usually paying more for the identical trip booked through any travel agent. Here is just one their offerings: NUEVO VALLARTA, MEXICO 6 DAY & 5 NIGHT STAY AT THE VILLA DEL PALMAR FLAMINGOS BEACH RESORT & SPA $297.88 PER PERSON BASED ON DOUBLE OCCUPANCY Studio apartment Best Online Price: $1229.52

DreamTrips Price: $297.88 Average Savings per Couple: $1863.27

Available from any brick and mortar travel agency: Same dates, same room category, same everything: $218.00 per person* As you can see, this would be a rip-off, as is par for the course with any travel MLM. *price quoted 8-31-10 from Apple Vacations”


WorldVentures Rovia DreamTrips Aren’t the Bargain They Claim They Are

December 23, 2012

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

WorldVentures Rovia DreamTrips Aren’t the Bargain They Claim They Are

Source: http://worldventuresscam.blogspot.sg/2009/11/worldventures-rovia-dreamtrips-arent.html

DreamTrip 01-06-10 4 nts. Riu Vallarta $798 p/couple
GOGO WWV 01-06-10 4 ntis. Riu Vallarta $744 p/couple

Dream Trip 02-19-10 7 nts. Riu Palace Las Americas $2,798
GOGO WWV 02-19-10 7 nts. Riu Palace Las Americas $2,282

DreamTrip 03-27-10 4 nts. Riu Guanacaste $1,398
GOGO WWV 03-31-10 4 nts. Riu Guanacaste $1,168

Prices quoted on 11-07-09, prices per couple, same dates, same room category, includes all taxes and transfers.

DreamTips Membership for ONE YEAR – $199 first year plus $24.95 per month, total $498.40.

DreamTrip Price on 3 trips above: $4,994
GOGO WWV Price on 3 trips above: $4,194*

LOSS with the DreamsTrips Packages and Membership for FIRST year = $1,298.40.
LOSS without DT membership = $800.

*Consumer prices shown (retail). The travel agent/seller would make between 13 to 16% commission on the sale.

Ive just looked into it a bit and found that they use Rovia web site for bookings. I put-in a week in Benidorm flying out of BHX on 30th December and it came up with a few holidays (1 week 2 adults) for $739 cheapest up to $1400 – PER PERSON.

I can get 6 months in Benidorm for that!



Marc Accetta – accused of child molestation in a court of law, back in July of 1991 by his former mistress

December 23, 2012

Marc Accetta – accused of child molestation in a court of law, back in July of 1991 by his former mistress

6th Nov 2008

Source: http://www.ripoffreport.com/multi-level-marketing/marc-accetta/marc-accetta-marc-accetta-dall-y975f.htm

I read these posts and it all makes sense….As if this were not enough Marc was accused of child molestation in a court of law, back in July of 1991 by his former mistress who herself was another victim of Marc and his con-artist trickery.

At what point will this man be held accountable for his actions, thanks to his deviant ways he has managed to hide this fact from most of the people that know him.

I can’t comprehend how a person like this can go about his business and people still fall for his lies.

As a columnist for one of Dallas best known news papers
, I have to admit this story continues to unravel as time passes.

My son was involved with this company The Leading Edge and http://www.marcaccetta.com and spent time working for this man with no success and it even cost him money. I have met grown men, business people that have invested money into one of Marcs many scams and they too have been taken for a ride. Marc and his associate Monico come accross as friendly and kind hearted, they are anything but that.

We have contacted the Leading Edge many times in an attempt to get the 2,500.00 my son has lost back to no avail. My son has advanced kidney disease and needs this money back.

All this while Marc enjoys a few drinks at peoples expense.

I will continue to write articles about him until he is held accountable. The attorney general has already opened the possibility for an indictment through an investigation which has a wide scope.

Dallas is a great city and we don’t welcome no-name scam artists like Marc Accetta. Please pass this on to as many people as possible.

William M
Dallas, Texas

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